The best tips for Moving long distance

A long distance move, otherwise known as an interstate move requires more time to plan than when  you’re embarking on a short distance move.  We’ve compiled for you a few tips that will help make the planning process a bit easier for you


Give yourself more time

There are a lot of steps involved in planning and executing your interstate move, therefore, you need to give yourself more time.

Ideally, 3 months (at least)is enough for you to plan for your long distance (interstate) move, especially if you will be moving to a new state or across an international border.The farther the distance, the more complicated the move becomes, so you need sufficient time to plan ahead.  It is therefore advised that you get a detailed moving schedule/to do list.


Be sure you are making an interstate move

In order to avoid you mixing things up, be sure you know what you are doing. Is the move an intrastate one (moving within the state) or an interstate, which means,  you’re moving to another state or across an international border?  Because most long distance moves are generally categorized as interstate moves, therefore you need an experienced and specialized mover who can safely move you across borders.  Knowing the type of move you are making beforehand  determines how quickly you are able to move your belongings from your old home to your new location as well as the costs involved. Once again, know the type of move you are making before you start planning.


Get an estimate of the moving cost

Getting a breakdown of the total moving cost even before you start planning will help you a lot. You need to do the math and decide how much you can confidently afford to spend on your move; this will assist you in knowing how to move in terms of you needing to move yourself or hiring a mover as an alternative.

Almost everything about a long distance move is costly, talking about the high service costs, travel costs, and the time needed to get prepared, just to mention a few.


Choose the best possible means to move your things

After knowing what type of move you’d be making and having an idea of what the budget looks like, the next thing to do is to assess your options for moving; you may decide to move yourself, hire a long distance moving company or a shipping company to get  your goods across to your new destination.

I think it’s noteworthy to state here again that whenever you are considering how to move, do not forget to check how much time you have for the move, and the moving budget.  Apart from the fact that interstate movers are more expensive compared to their local counterpart, they are the best option for your long distance move. They will advise you about any document you may need to complete if you’re moving your things across an international border.  Some states have some prohibition rules as regards what can be shipped into their territories. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the moving company to let you know these rules so as to avoid your belongings being sized or confiscated at the border. Know these rules and other necessary requirements before you make your decision on how to move.


Decide how you’d get to your new location

Congrats! You’ve been able to get your belongings across to your new home either through a professional long distance mover or a shipping service provider, the next on your agenda should be how to move yourself and other members of the family to the new location. The farther the distance between the old and new residence, the more you’d need to plan. Driving, of course, is usually the easiest and the best way to convey your family members to the new home. But don’t you think it’s faster if you were to go by air? My opinion, though. Driving also makes it easy for you to pack and move some of your property with you, thereby, saving you some bucks on moving costs.

In summary, know the best moving option for you, calculate all the hidden costs and the time needed for the move before you start making out plans.


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