How to move long distance on a budget

It’s only a born-minimalist that won’t really feel the cost implication involved in a long distance move. Moving your belongings between states might become more daunting and frustrating—especially when you are on a very tight budget. Still thinking of how to get all your things out of your current apartment and bringing them into your new home without having to close your bank account in the process? No worries, below are a few tricks and strategies for moving your goods on a tight budget


Make a comparison between the Do-It-Yourself and the professional services’ options

Don’t just assume that hiring a professional mover will be more expensive than doing the moving  yourself. While that rental truck might not really look like a good option to you, too many do-it-yourself options can equally put you through a lot of unanticipated stress, only to realize you’ve spent more than you may have done for hiring a professional mover.  Do a thorough evaluation of all options available to you and pick the most pocket friendly and convenient one for you.


Don’t buy Boxes

Moving companies know that boxes are the building blocks of moving, and that’s why many of them will make you pay heavily to get boxes from them. You do not need to buy boxes because there are so many ways to get them for free! You want to know how?

  • You can get empty printer-paper boxes from your office or workplace; they are stronger and large enough to contain most of your items.
  • You can ask a friend who recently moved or probably post a request for some on your social networks like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc.
  • Check Freecycle and Craigslist’s Free section  to get boxes
  • Take a look around your neighborhood on a recycling and garbage day; you never can tell who has just moved and is throwing away his used boxes.
  • Visit a local liquor store near you; there are boxes strong enough to carry your glass bottles of rum or vodka.
  • Check outside behind medium-sized stores

Try to optimize that Utility Shutdown Date

Are you aware that some utility companies like Dallas-based Utility Concierge won’t prorate your bill as at the time you’re leaving your old apartment? If your utility company is one of such, then you can consider cutting off your service early so you won’t have to pay for an extra month. You can survive without cable for a week or two. Yes, it’s damn possible! But I know you wouldn’t try this with electricity. Smiles…..


Ditch out some of your old stuff

You can donate or sell some of your old stuff so you can earn some cash, reduce tax and also do away with extra weight. It might interest you to know that some movers use weight as a base for cost estimation, so, be wise. You need to ditch out some stuff, as you don’t actually need all those old stuff you think you need.

Another important point to note is that if you’re bringing in some bulky furniture, ensure you already have the measurement of your new home, so as to avoid the trouble and expense of moving that massive furniture only to know that it doesn’t fit your new home. That will be crazy, you know!


USPS can move those Books for you

Boxes containing books are usually heavy and you may be charged for an extra weight by the moving company. Once you have checked your library and identified some books to donate or sell, box up the rest and send them to your new location via the U.S. Postal Service.

Although, it may a take a few days for the books to arrive at your location, the price is still unbeatable. For instance, a 20-pound box of books only costs $11.55 to ship, which you won’t get from a moving company.


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