Using POD for your long distance move

A long distance move, usually between states requires a lot of decisions; this might get you thinking about some important issues like; choosing the best moving service company, whether to hire a full-service mover or not and probably thinking of getting a rental truck. How best do you think you can overcome this stress? Thanks to POD portable storage solutions, the best choice for your long distance move. It’s  flexible and convenient to reduce the stress, complexity and cost during your long-distance move.

Why choose POD portable storage solutions  for your long distance move


POD is so flexible to use, such that you’d be given a container on a monthly basis, so you can load or unload at your own convenient time.

With POD, your belongings will be moved directly to your new home. Because POD has over 230 Storage Centers nationwide, you are at liberty to store your loaded container between moves. And when you need to get your belongings delivered to you, you’d get them at your convenience, and you can take your time to unload everything.

You don’t necessarily need to be there when your POD container is picked up or delivered; you will be notified a night before the arrival or pick up day. Your possessions locked up in the POD container are picked up and moved to your new home or one of the secured POD Storage Centers near your new home. With POD, you are assured of getting your move as planned.


Detailed pricing

With POD, pricing is detailed and straightforward, no extra cost whatsoever; and you are given three different container sizes, so all you are paying for is the space you need.


No multiple loading and unloading

If you’re considering using another option, say, full-service mover, you should know that your property may be loaded and unloaded multiple times. But with POD containers, there are no issues of double-handling, which means, the chance of breakage is minimized. This is evident in the fact that POD damage claim averages less than 2% of total annual transactions, while the whole moving industry has a much higher rate. POD takes great care at all steps of the moving process so as to ensure a hassle-free  move.


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