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DC to New York City Moving

If you are planning a new life in a new city you’ll be aware it can be a daunting process that will need some good organization and planning. You could be moving from Washington D.C. to New York so there may be a number of tips you should take heed of before planning that long moving journey. It could be even more stressful if you are moving your pets with you as well as your children, so consider the tips from those who have already tried and tested moving long distances across America and perhaps you can learn from their mistakes.

If you are moving from New York to Washington D.C. you will need to consider which company is doing your moving. There are companies out there that can take several days or even weeks to complete the move and getting hold of them can be notoriously difficult. Use a moving company that has a sound reputation. Looking on the internet at business sites you can often find on some websites like a number of reviewers or previous customers that have had experience with them.

Some may be favorable; others will be not so good. If you see any moving company that have had several bad reviews, avoid them. If you are moving from New York to Boston you may want to consider how well you’ll need to pack your belongings and furniture. The drive from New York to Boston is about 200 miles which means you and your belongings will be in transit a little over four hours, perhaps five if the traffic is heavy.

It would be wise in this instance to not leave the actual move until late afternoon as when you arrive at your new home in Boston you will be moving furniture and belongings in the dark. The longer the distance you are moving, the more likely your furniture and other fragile items will feel those bumps and holes in the road. So make sure all belongings are wrapped well. The items you need to really pack well are glass table lamps, crockery and any ornaments likely to shatter.

If you are moving from Washington D.C. to Charlotte you will be going on a journey of just over 400 miles. It is therefore a good idea to leave the move as an overnight journey. This is definitely the only option for moves from Washington D.C. to Atlanta which is a staggering 640 mile trip. Thanks for taking the time to read these DC to New York City Moving tips

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