Survival Guide to Moving to New York from DC

Moving to New York from DC?

Moving to New York from DC moving to new york from dc Survival Guide to Moving to New York from DC 1

No matter where you are from in the world, we have always heard of the classic tales of moving to the Big Apple; New York City. Unarguably it’s the storied destination of all American immigration. With the city’s multitude of diverse communities and neighborhoods, the city provides a lot of appeal for many individuals from around the globe but also fellow Americans who want to pick up the pace and be part of the hustle and bustle of a city that truly never sleeps.

Nevertheless individuals who are planning to move to New York can find the whole ordeal frustrating; as with any sort of house move, without the right help and knowledge, it can often be a deflating and stressful experience. Nevertheless this is where DC-to-NY Movers can help.

In this article we would like to provide you with 6 top tips that will help you survive the moving to New York city from DC that is as stress free as possible, so sit back, take a moment to read and we’ll guarantee that you will be far more relaxed knowing that moving to the Big Apple doesn’t need to be a fuss.

Declutter your belongings

Many homeowners choose to throw every possession into a box and have it transported from A to B. This can often add unnecessary cost to your move. Simply separate out the things you need from the things you have accumulated and don’t necessarily want. Items that you no longer wish to take with you can be donated and small household goods can be given to charities or a worthy cause. This will give you and your relocating company a lighter load to contend with.

Prepare to get organized

Before you embark on your move, it’s often recommended to note down all the information and details of your move. You can note down contact information, any important lists that you may make and the contents of the boxes that you pack. Creating a noted down inventory can help you keep check of all your belongings, this can also be useful if you have decided to take out insurance during your move.

Order your moving boxes

Don’t forget to get your moving supplies and boxes before the big day. Many individuals underestimate the amount of boxes they may need which can often cause unwanted panic and hassle to find more at the last minute. Your relocating company may supply boxes and supplies for you, so it is always working speaking with them before you source your own. Nevertheless, if your relocating company doesn’t supply you with moving supplies, they will always be able to suggest the appropriate type and number of boxes that you will need.

Make sure you are well and truly packed before the big day

Remember; don’t pack what you don’t use. It’s often a good idea to place heavier items at the bottom of boxes to avoid crushing any softer items if placed at the top. Always ensure that your boxes are not overly heavy for someone to pick up and move. Your boxes should be marked on the outside clearly, such as ‘Kitchen’, ‘Lounge’, so on and so forth. This makes it easier to distinguish what is in a box without having to open and trawl through all the items.

Update friends, family and organizations with your new address

No one needs to be reminded that informing family and friends of your new address is essential, but in the hurry and excitement of moving home, notifying companies that matter may be missed out, such as cable and internet providers, newspapers, utility companies and your bank.

Keep calm and start moving

If you have any important documentation or items, it’s worth keeping them on your person. These items can be placed in a suitcase or bag that you plan keeping with you at all times. These items may include keys, licenses, jewelry, phones, prescriptions and even charges. Make sure they are accessible in case you need them.